Kitchen Suppression


Risk in the kitchen

When preparing meals in large kitchens and catering establishments, large quantities of hot fat and oil are in use. Even when handled with the utmost care, they pose a considerable fire risk. An unnoticed failure in the overheating protection can easily cause a major fire. protecfire offers a competitively priced and effective solution for this.


    1. Depressurized in operational mode
    2. Same nozzle for all application types
    3. Distance to the frying surface can be up to 1.83m
    4. No blow off caps due to patented nozzle
    5. Virtually maintenance-free
    6. No replacement of components for 10 years
    7. Minimal space requirements
    8. Exact and ultra fast fire detection through patented fire detection
    9. No additional control cabinet
    10. Simple installation and (re-)fitting
    11. No external power supply needed
    12. VdS approval: S 613002


Functionality and operation of a compact fine-spray extinguishing system

In case of fire, the pneumatic trigger elements are automatically activated by the increasing temperature. The trigger temperature is set at 93°C. The triggering of the system causes a rise in pressure in the pilotline which serves as a signal for the extinguishing process.

Our fire-fighting system is based on the principle of a finespray extinguishing system which atomizes the extinguishing agent as a fine mist with the aid of our own specially developed nozzles.

In the extinguishing process, the surface of solids and cooking oil is thoroughly wetted and impregnated. A protective film is formed on flammable, liquid fat, blanketing fire areas with a sustainable gas-proof layer.